Rulindo Rwanda

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Flavor profile

It's been a little while since I've gotten truly excited about a new coffee - this is it. Tastes like a fall coffee - if that makes sense? Lots of clarity in the cup with notes of Craisins, cherries, clove and nutmeg spices, and a great body. Lots of acidity, so if you don't like your coffee tasting like fruit juice...

Craisins, cherries, nutmeg, clove

Rulindo Rwanda

Tumba Town, Rulindo District, Northern Province Washed


Rulindo Rwanda

Producer: Venustre Mugraneza Farm: Tumba washing station


Rulindo Rwanda

Tumba Town, Rulindo District, Northern Province


Rulindo Rwanda



Rulindo Rwanda



Rulindo Rwanda


The coffee from Tumba washing station wason my radar for years before we first bought it almost a decade ago. When I first tasted it, the sweetness and bright acidic snap in the cup made a great impression. But at the time I noticed varied quality from one cup to the next, and a lack of consistency can mean problems in the processing. For a coffee buyer, it signifies that what you taste now might not be what you get upon importation. The backstory at the time was Tumba Station was a private processing wet mill that had 2 owners with very different ideas of quality and how to run a mill. Fast forward a few years, and we found ourselves purchasing Tumba for the first time under a very different light. A local teacher in the Tumba area for which the mill is named, had taken over all aspects, and the coffee was consistent in every cup ... and amazingly good! Venustre Mugraneza, the teacher, is esteemed in the local community and has been systematically improving the mill. The best coffee cherries (those that make up this lot) are dried in a special area of raised beds and receive focused handpicking by the farmers. Tumba is situated at 1825 meters in the Rulindo district,.


Conical Brewing method:25g coffee - 400g water (temp: 205 f ) - total time: 3:30 min
Espresso: 3:1 ratio recommended: 18g in 54g out.

Rulindo Rwanda

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