Immaculada Geisha


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Flavor profile

This is a mild geisha that is actually quite friendly to dial in. Seeing as you only have 6oz of coffee to play with this is a huge plus. A perfect bean to get started in your exotic coffee journey.

Cantaloupe, maple syrup, toffee, blackberry

Immaculada Geisha

Immaculada Geisha Exotic


Immaculada Geisha

Julian Vicente Holgin Ramos


Immaculada Geisha

Pichinde, Colombia


Immaculada Geisha



Immaculada Geisha



Immaculada Geisha


This coffee came from our exotic importers at Yellow Rooster Coffee - we don't know much about the producer or farm, but only that there are extremely limited quantities produced, and it is a tier above your average specialty coffee! As mentioned this is a great starter exotic coffee as it is easy to dial in and user friendly. This isn't a fruit bomb geisha by any means - it was still grown in Colombia so keep that in mind. Deliciously sweet, nutty, and mild citrus like blackberries.


Conical Brewing method:25g coffee - 400g water (temp: 205 f ) - total time: 3:30 min
Espresso: 3:1 ratio recommended: 18g in 54g out.

Immaculada Geisha

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Immaculada Geisha

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