Bourbon Sidra Colombia


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I've never tasted a coffee that resembles tea quite like this one. Not any tea, earl gray tea, much like a London fog with cream and sugar. This is one of my favorite exotic coffees and I wish I could afford to drink this everyday!

Earl gray tea, lemongrass, jasmine

Bourbon Sidra Colombia

Bourbon Sidra Colombia Exotic


Bourbon Sidra Colombia

Edwin Noreña


Bourbon Sidra Colombia

Quindío, Colombia


Bourbon Sidra Colombia

Bourbon Sidra


Bourbon Sidra Colombia



Bourbon Sidra Colombia

Semi-washed (multi-stage anaerobic)

This coffee came from our exotic importers at Yellow Rooster Coffee - we don't know much about the producer or farm, but only that there are extremely limited quantities produced, and it is a tier above your average specialty coffee! Don't let the low altitude scare you - this is not an earthy nutty Colombian coffee! On the contrary, it is SUPER light, just like tea. Astringent and delicate, with a little bitterness similar to an earl gray or black tea.


Conical Brewing method:25g coffee - 400g water (temp: 205 f ) - total time: 3:30 min
Espresso: 3:1 ratio recommended: 18g in 37g out. This will take some time adjusting so don't get too frustrated. Anaerobics are hard to dial in!

Bourbon Sidra Colombia

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