Benti Nenka Ethiopia

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Flavor profile

Delicious Ethiopian fruit bomb! I love these coffees that aren't afraid to be a little fruity 😉
Maybe the first coffee where I'm sure I'm tasting cantaloupe...

Papaya, honey, cantaloupe, grapefruit

Benti Nenka Ethiopia Natural


Benti Nenka


Hambela, Wamena Guji


Heirloom Cultivars





The station is run by Ismael Hassen from Kayon Mountain coffee, a name you might be familiar with from our offer list (right now you can find Taaroo as well). The Benti Nenka site is located in Hambela Wamena region, within Ethiopia's southern Guji Zone. Benti Nenka's beds are built with splits bamboo reeds so they're flat and quite sturdy, then a layer of cloth to allow air to pass through the beds. You see a lot of chicken wire used at other sites, which tends to sag, creating uneven coffee layers.


Conical Brewing method:25g coffee - 400g water (temp: 208 f ) - total time: 3:30 min
Espresso: 3:1 ratio recommended: 18g in 54g out.

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