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Ithmah FAQ

What exactly is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is an actual grade for coffee beans. It was invented by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association.)

  • Grade 1: Specialty Coffee Beans.
  • Grade 2: Premium Coffee Beans.
  • Grade 3: Exchange Coffee Beans.
  • Grade 4: Standard Coffee Beans.
  • Grade 5: Off-Grade Coffee Beans.

Coffee is graded by how many defects are in the green beans, and if the coffee has a distinctive attribute in acidity, body, aroma, or taste. Specialty is the highest grade with the fewest defects. (quakers, insect bites, etc) and Off-grade is the lowest quality coffee.


Besides being a higher grade of coffee in itself, specialty coffee is often associated with higher standards from farm to cup. Everything starting from more experienced farmers with better equipment, to farmers getting paid a fair wage, to how it’s roasted ,and much more. There’s more care involved!

How are these coffees better than specialty coffee at the grocery store?

Coffee roasters that put effort in obtaining wholesale accounts with grocery stores are completely different from small local roasters. These roasters often roast on huge production roasters and buy the most cost effective beans. Not to mention the coffee bags then sit for months on the shelves after roasting! Yuck

How much does ithmah donate?

Ithmah coffee donates $1 each to two charities per bag. If you live in Kentucky or Indiana you’ll be donating to OCA or Elevate Indy, and every bag donates to If you’re outside those two states then everything goes to Oak Life. Check out our about page to learn more!

Can you pre grind beans for orders?

We offered this service, but found it didn’t align with our values and mission to coffee. When you pre-grind coffee and don’t use it within the hour, you’re losing around 30% of its flavor. With the amount of effort and care we put into the coffees, and with how much you spend on them, it doesn’t make sense to offer this. Sorry in advance!

How do subscriptions work?

We use the word subscriptions very lightly. It’s not really a subscription, but more of an option to choose a recurring frequency you’d like for coffee. You save money, and there’s no commitment involved. It’s just our way of saying thanks for coming back!

How do I know what category coffee I should go in?

We have three coffee profiles to choose from. Beginner, intermediate, and expert. Depending on how you brew coffee, you will be paired up with one of the three to make purchasing coffees more relevant to you. That’s it. We’re not promoting arrogant coffee snobs or ranks. Every coffee we offer is high quality, and whatever category you fall in, you’ll get an incredible experience!

How do I start a wholesale account?

Every business has different needs. Chat with us and let’s find out more about you and what you need to start a wholesale account. There are no minimums, and we love small business, (since we are one.) You can fill out a quick form here:

Where is Ithmah located?

Our roastery is located in the Portland neighborhood just west of down town Louisville. Our address is 3300 Northwestern Pkwy. Keep in mind it is not a coffee shop! 😉

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