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Easy Origami Recipe

This is a great Quick and Easy Origami Recipe for the Origami dripper. It’s a single serve recipe that is fool proof and a good starting point for a lot of different coffees.

  • 12.5 grams coffee ground medium fine to fine
  • 200 grams 210°F (99°C) water
  • Kalita Filters
  • Grind coffee, pre-rinse filter and add coffee to filter
  • Bloom coffee with 40 grams of water and agitate with a few gentle swirls of the dripper
  • At 0:40 pour the rest of the water (160 grams) in slow, concentric circles up to the target weight, finishing with your last pour around the outside of the filter. Gently swirl the brewer one more time.
  • Allow the water to draw down. The total brew time should be around 2 minutes.
Here are some crowd pleasing coffees to get you started on your journey…

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