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Pour Over Crash Course

Pour Over essentially means “hand drip.” It is a manual brewing method that is a standard in most coffee shops and coffee lovers homes. If you want to immediately upgrade your coffee game by 10000% you should ditch the Keurig and read on!
Pour over coffee is becoming increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts and new devices are constantly hitting the market. There are a few standout devices that have become incredibly popular over the years, and I’ll discuss each of them in detail below.
First up is the Hario V60. This device has been around since 2004 and is a favorite among baristas and home brewers alike. Its cone shape and spiraled ridges help to create a more even extraction and the size of the holes at the bottom of the cone can be adjusted to tweak the flow rate.
The Kalita Wave is another popular pour over device. It has a flat bottom with three small drainage holes which lead to a more even extraction. The design also makes it easy to achieve a consistent brew every time. It’s fool proof!
The Chemex is a unique-looking device that uses a double-walled glass carafe and thick paper filters to create a smooth and clean cup of coffee. The filters are thicker than most other devices, which helps to remove more oils and sediment from the coffee. This is good for those who despise thick viscosity like a French press or Aeropress.
A newcomer to the pour over scene is the Origami dripper. Its unique shape and ribs help to create a more uniform extraction and the device has become popular among specialty coffee shops. It is a bit more difficult to use compared to the Kalita Wave, but with practice you get more complexity and clarity in your cup.
Finally, the Bee House ceramic dripper is a simple and affordable option that’s great for beginners. Its wedge shape and large hole in the bottom make it easy to use and it produces a consistently good cup of coffee.
In conclusion, there are many excellent pour over devices on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. By experimenting with different devices and techniques, you can find the perfect one for your specific brewing needs and preferences. Happy brewing!

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