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Best Coffee Roaster In Louisville

Best Coffee Roaster In Louisville

Louisville and Indy Coffee Scene

There’s some good coffee coming out of the city, but who is the best coffee roaster in Louisville? It’s been fun to watch the coffee scene evolve and grow over the years. I’ve lived around and in Louisville for a combined 21 years, and even since I was a kid have observed coffee change for the better in the city. After moving back from Indianapolis in 2023, it wasn’t a surprise to see Louisville was still behind in the coffee scene (and many other aspects.) Being a more developed city overall, Indy’s scene mimics northern cities, where coffee is generally advancing the most. In Indy, espresso extraction is carefully studied and improved. Coffee roasters are beginning to roast lighter, and be more intentional with the sourcing of their coffee. Talk of which coffee shop has the best latte art and what type of oat milk they serve is the rave. Moving back down South, much of that discussion is limited or warped with common misconceptions and general lack of education on coffee roasting, or extracting coffee.

Louisville Is Getting Better

I don’t think anyone would claim that Louisville has the best coffee in the midwest, but it’s growing. It’s slowly getting better, and the Louisville communities are beginning to have higher expectations on things like presentation, extraction, and drink recipes. This is certainly a good thing! The less Monin syrups and charred coffee beans we see in shops, the better! Since moving back to Louisville and opening up our Roastery just outside of downtown Louisville, I’ve had to look at the coffee scene in a new light. I no longer work in a Louisville coffee shop, I now roast for the Louisville coffee shops.


Best Coffee Roaster In Louisville

The title above is a bit click baity, I apologize. I’m obviously not ridiculous enough to label myself the best roaster in Louisville, although I do know some people who graciously give themselves that title. I think the real roasters in Louisville who truly want to see local growth know we’re all on the same team, and just want to see Louisville become a better city, not just for coffee. I’m so thrilled to be in a position where I intimately work with small Louisville businesses, and also help develop the Portland neighborhood, which IS on the up and up.
When you think of Louisville coffee, what comes to mind? Hopefully it’s not Dunkin’ or Starbucks? Maybe it’s Day’s Coffee on Bardstown Rd. Or the Quills Roastery on Main Street. Whichever it is, remember that these local shops are community hot spots, and greatly define the city’s culture and development. Make sure to support local and grab some beans on your way out! 😉
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