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hi, we're ithmah!

Ithmah is a husband and wife run micro roastery in Louisville, KY. Our craft coffees range from crowd pleasers to exotic beans. Which coffee drinker are you?


You're The Newbie

You’re new to specialty coffee – this means you might currently drink Starbucks, Peetes coffee, Kuerig coffee, etc. Our crowd pleasers are a great intro to better coffee!

Let us guide you to better coffee – Learn to brew with these tried and true techniques for drip, espresso, pour over, and more.


You know a few things

You Know A Few Things

For the individual who buys local coffee often, and is comfortable making pour overs at home. Shop our more adventurous coffees –

You know how to make decent coffee, but it shouldn’t end there. Pair your top shelf beans with our brew recipes and upgrade your coffee game.


You're a coffee scientist

You know your caturras from your typicas. You pay attention to altitude, and you dive into experimental processes. Shop our adventurous coffees, including rare and exotic offerings.

You already know how to brew excellent coffee, but it shouldn’t end there. Try out our recipes and get new flavors and aromas from your beans.


are you a non profit or business?

Check out our curated collection of gifts and coffee boxes. Perfect for corporate gifts, property managers, non profits, and more.

Have a coffee shop, office or church? We offer discounted wholesale prices for our specialty coffee, as well as private label retail bags for you to sell.

Get coffee for the whole team with our exclusive office subscription program, including our flexible remote office subscriptions.

Ithmah Coffee
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